Regulatory signs

Road Closed

Closed to all Vehicles

Closed to all Vehicles

Closed to all Vehicles except Motorcycles

Closed to Bicycles

Only Designated Directions Permitted

No Crossing

No U-turn

No Passing on the Right-hand Portion of the Road for Overtaking

No Parking or Stopping

No Parking

Time-limited parking zones

Weight Limited

Height Limited

Width Limited

Maximum Speed Limited

Minimum Speed Limited

Moter Vehicles Only

Bicycle Only

Bicycle and Pedestrians Only

Pedestrians Only


Two-Step Right Turn for Mopeds

Sound Horn

Slow Down


Closed to Pedestrians

Clossing by Pedestrian Prohibited

Indication signs

Abreast Riding Permitted

Parking Permitted

Stopping Permitted

Right of Way

Center Line

Stop Line

Pedestrian Crossing

Bicycle Crossing Zone

Safety Zone

Warning signs

Cross Road

Road Branch Right

T Intersection

Y Junction


Right(Left) Bend

Right(Left) Turn

Right(Left) Double Bend

Right(Left) Double Turn

Zigzag Road

Railway Crossing

School, Kindergarten, Nursery

Light Signals

Slippery Road

Falling or Fallen Rocks

Hump or Dip

Road Entry Left

Fewer Lanes

Road Narrows


Dangerous Hill Upwards

Dangerous Hill Downwards

Road Works


Danger Animals Crossing

Other Dangers